The School

Scion Public School has been serving the society in the field of education since 2005.
This school is run under the aegis of “Sharda Educational Scociety”, Varanasi registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. Scion Public School is a nursery to prepare responsible citizens, who can make sure their participation in the progress of country. Education is the foundation of all progress and Scion Public School is helping India’s progress by strengthening its foundation.

SCION PUBLIC SCHOOL is serving society by nurturing the students on the basis of “Traditional Culture__Modern Thinking”. 

The ambition of the school is to give the students, “The Vision of Excellence” not only in studies and all adventures of mind but also in the sphere of character, conduct and human relationship to develop them into good young men and women and responsible citizens. The school endeavours to instill in the student ideals of service, good manners, courteousness and patriotism.

Scion Public School is permanently Affiliated and Recognized by the Government. English is the medium of instruction, communication and examination. Hindi is a compulsory subject as it is the National Language of our country.

The school has competent faculties and staff and provides excellent educational and training and facilities from Class-Nursery onwards.